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Dining Room Lighting Tips

Whether the occasion is a holiday dinner or weekend get-together, the dining room is a place where family and friends can congregate and enjoy the company of one another. Because it’s such an important gathering place in the home, a dining room should have lighting that creates a comfortable atmosphere, and the light fixtures themselves should be […]

What is 0-10V Dimming?

0-10V dimming started as a method for dimming fluorescents but is also used on LED lighting today. It’s typically used in offices, retail spaces, and homes with fixtures that have an LED driver designed for 0-10VDC dimming input. While it can be used for RGB or RGBW color-changing lights, there are some limitations. Each of the three […]

What is Full Range Dimming?

Unlike incandescent bulbs, which smoothly dim to off, LEDs dim a little differently. Not all LEDs can dim down to 10%, but for most applications, dimming down to 10% is enough. That’s why when you see “Full Range Dimming” on a spec sheet, it’s not uncommon for it to mean that the LEDs dim to […]